Welcome To The 2020 Election Evidence Project

The 2020 Election Evidence Project was started in response to the media refusing to report on factual pieces of evidence regarding the 2020 election. Our goal isn’t to convince you of some grandiose conspiracy theory, but instead, to present you with the factual information the media isn’t reporting and allow you to form your own opinions from there. 


Last Backed Up On 7-15-2021

Date AddedSTART HERE – Democrats Support Election Integrity
12-15-2020Joe Biden Says That All Elections Should Have A Paper Ballot That Have An Audit Trail To Protect Against Machine Manipulation
12-21-2020Obama Raises Concerns About Mail In Ballots And Agrees That Signatures Must Be On File And Able To Audit
7-15-2021Hillary Clinton Says Elections Are Vulnerable And Voting Machines Are Linked To The Internet
11-18-2020Nancy Pelosi Says “Congress Has A Duty To Protect Our Democracy
5-21-2021Kamala Harris And Other Top Democrats Talk About The Vulnerability Of Using Voting Machines In U.S. Elections
7-15-2021Top Democrats Including Hilary, Obama, and More Objected To Certifying Elections Due To Election Fraud
11-18-2020Democrat Senators Warren, Klobuchar, and Wyden Raise Concerns About Voting Machines In 2019
11-25-2020Computer Scientists Encourage Clinton Campaign To Challenge 2016 Election Results Due To Security Concerns On Electronic Machines
11-28-2020Stacy Abrams And Other Democrat Senators Point Out The Corruption Linked To Voting Machines In GA Through Their Group “Fair Fight”
4-30-2021Long Time Democrat Auditor Jake Brakey Explains Why Forensic Audits Are Crucial To American Elections
12-7-2020Elena Parent (Georgia Senator) Lays Out Evidence Against Dominion Voting Machines In 2019. Supports Fair Elections.
Date AddedVoting Machines Vulnerabilities Have Been A Longstanding Problem – Both Democrats And Republicans Agree
11-26-2020PBS Brings New Dominion Voting Machines Into Question And Confirms Last Minute Patch In Georgia
4-30-2021CNN Exposes The Threats Of Voting Machines Back In 2017
4-30-2021Cyber Experts Warn Of Imminent Threat Of Using Voting Machines In HBO Documentary “Kill Chain”
12-3-2020Computer Programer Clinton Curtis Testifies Before Ohio Democrats That He Was Hired To “Flip” Votes During 2000 Election (12-13-2004)
11-23-2020Memory Cards Are Easily Hacked – Election Officials Unaware To Dangers
11-26-2020DR. Andrew Appel Warned Congress About Voting Machine Security Flaws In 2017
11-26-2020Cyber Security Expert Brian Varner Exploits Dangers Of Electronic Voting Machines And Key Cards
11-18-2020Texas Denies Use Of Dominion 3 Times
11-18-2020Dominion Manual Outlines Vulnerabilities
12-3-2020Clinton Eugene Curtis’s Software Can Be Used To Flip or “Glitch” Votes
12-3-2020Link To Clinton Curtis’s Sworn Affidavit
6-12-2021Voting Machines Pose A Greater Threat To Our Elections Than Foreign Agents
6-12-2021Documentary “Hacking Democracy” Demonstrates That Voting Machines Have Been A Problem For Decades
6-18-2021NBC News Reports That ES&S Has 14,000 Machines Have Modems And Access To Internet
Date AddedFirst Hand Witness Accounts Of Election Fraud
11-25-2020Pennsylvania State Legislators Meet With First Hand Witnesses Of Election Fraud
12-1-2020Witnesses Meet With AZ Legislators Sharing Their Accounts For Over 10 Hours
12-1-2020Witnesses Meet With MI Senators And Testify To First Hand Accounts Of Election Fraud
12-1-2020Whistleblowers Exploit 300k Ballots Travelled Across State Lines Then Disappear In PA. USPS In WI Tampered With 100k Late Ballots
12-4-2020Video Evidence Shows Poll Workers Kicked Everyone Out And Illegally Continued To Count Hidden Ballots In GA
12-4-2020Full Georgia Senate Hearing With Witnesses Of Election Fraud
12-11-2020Witnesses Meet With Wisconsin Joint Committee On Campaigns And Elections
11-19-2020The Allegations Press Conference By Trump Legal Team And Independent Counsel (Use This To Corroborate Witness Accounts)
12-21-2020Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Holds Hearing On Irregularities Of The 2020 Election
12-30-2020Georgia Evidence Hearing 12-30-2020
Date AddedStatistical Questions About The Election
11-11-28-2020The Statistical Reasons Why The Election Is Deeply Puzzling
11-25-2020Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020
11-27-20205 Important Questions About Voter Turnout
11-18-2020A 2020 Stanford Study Shows That Vote By Mail Doesn’t Increase Overall Turnout By Much
12-1-2020Steve Cortes Points Out Biden Only Won 1/6 Counties In America
12-1-2020Data Expert Points Out Abnormalities In Vote Dumps And Timing
12-4-2020Edision Data Shows Big Vote Dumps Overwhelmingly In Favor Of Biden
12-21-2020Peter Navarro Report Outlines Allegations Of Election Fraud Throughout The 6 Swing States
12-21-2020Atty Jesse Binnall Claims 42k People Voted Twice Or More In Nevada And Brings About More Details Of Election Fraud
Date AddedA 6 Part Series On More Statistical Questions Of The Election
11-18-2020Part 1 – Overview Of Statistical Questions In The Election
11-18-2020Part 2 – Statistical Questions In Michigan
11-18-2020Part 3 – Statistical Questions In Wisconsin
11-18-2020Part 4 – Statistical Questions In Georgia
11-18-2020Part 5 – Statistical Questions In Pennsylvania
11-18-2020Part 6 – Conclusion
Date AddedA 4 Part Series Of Statistical Anomalies
11-18-2020Voter Turnout
11-18-2020Biden Outperformance Of Obama
11-18-2020Unprecedented Level Of “Biden Only” Ballots
11-18-2020Absence Of Mail-In Ballot Vetting
Date AddedEvidence Of Statistical Impossibilities
11-18-2020Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%
11-18-2020Statistical Evidence Shows There Are Impossible Things Happening Within The Election
11-18-2020Tens of Thousands of Ballots Arrived Before Their Sent Date in Pennsylvania
11-21-2020Dead People Are Showing Up As Having Voted
11-21-2020Ballots Entered Into Edison Data (Taken From NYTimes Live Feed) Defy Time Possibility
Date AddedEvidence Of Data Glitches, Vote Dumps, And Algorithmic Computer Fraud Within The Election
11-21-2020Drop And Roll Used In GA, MI, VA, PA
11-18-2020Algorithms Found In GA, Following Same Pattern Post Vote Dumps
11-18-2020Raw Data Analysis Points To Millions Of Votes Disappearing Or Being Switched
11-24-2020Biden Takes Minimum 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18AM In Georgia
11-18-2020Glitch Caught Working Live In KY Race. 590 Votes Swapped From Dem To Repub
11-18-2020System Glitches Across Multiple State Only Benefit Biden. Trump Hasn’t Benefited Once.
11-18-2020NSA Intelligence Official Bill Binney Says These Aren’t Glitches, They’re Programmed
11-21-2020Glitch Caught Working Live In PA Race. 19,958 Votes Swapped From Dem To Repub
11-21-2020Glitch Caught Working Live In GA Race. 2k Votes Removed From Trump
11-21-2020Evidence Of Up To 100K Votes Removed From Trump In PA
11-21-2020Russell Ramsland Shows Indisputable Evidence How Scytl (And More) Are Involved In Wide-Scale Election Fraud.
11-23-2020JSON Coding Expert Creates Script To See How Votes Switched From Trump To Biden Using Raw Edison Data
11-24-2020Computer Expert And Former CEO Of Overstock Patrick Byrne Finds More Samples Of Algorithm Fraud
12-7-2020Voter GA Confirms Dominion Machines Flip Votes From Trump To Biden, Also Confirms ARLO Reporting. Counties Don’t Have Audit Records.
12-8-2020Algorithm Used In GA Has Been Identified
3-18-2021Algorithm Used In New Hampshire County Flips Exactly 6% Of Republican Votes To Democrats Across 4 Seperate Races
 Proffessional Data Analysts, Mathmeticians, And Professors Reveal Algorithms And Statistical Impossibilites Of The Election
7-15-2021Multiple Data Scientists Lay Out How The Algorithms Worked On David Clement’s “The Professor’s Record
7-1-2021Dr Douglas Frank Provides An Intro To Some Of The Algorithms Used To Rig The Election
7-1-2021Dr. Douglas Frank Explains The Exact Algorithms That Were Used All Over The United States To Rig The Election
7-1-2021Dr. Douglas Frank Explains The Algorithms Used In Arizona
11-18-2020MIT Scientist Dr. Shiva Offered Proof That Computer Algorithms Were At Play During The Election
11-24-2020Mathmetician Expert Edward Solomon Does Reveals The Smoking Gun Of Algorithm Fraud In The 2020 Election
7-1-2021Seth Keshel Covers Data Anomalies With Doug Billings Part 1
7-1-2021Seth Keshel Covers Data Data Anomalies With Doug Billings Part 2
7-1-2021Seth Keshel Covers Data Data Anomalies With Doug Billings Part 3
Date Added7 Part Series Of Algorithmic Fraud Being Used Within The Election
11-18-2020Algorithm Pattern Used In PA
11-18-2020Algorithm Pattern Found In MI
11-18-2020Algorithm Pattern Found In Milwaukee, WI
11-18-2020More Algorithms Found In MI
11-18-2020Algorithms Used In Multiple States Following Vote Dumps
11-21-2020Virginia Showing Signs Of Algorithm Fraud
11-21-2020Wisconsin Showing Signs Of Algorithm Fraud
Date AddedPatterns Of Fraud Techniques Used Across Multiple States
6-18-2021Multiple Media Sources Report On Counting Stopping On Election Night In Only Swing States
7-15-2021Flash Drives Went Missing Previous To The Election In Multiple States
7-15-2021Attorney Matt DePerno Reveals Anonymous Remote Logons Accross Multiple States
7-15-2021The Similarities Of Fraud Techniques Across Multiple States
11-21-2020Drop And Roll Used In GA, MI, VA, PA
Date AddedDominion, Smartmatic, And Voting Machine Software
12-3-2020Computer Programer Clinton Curtis Testifies Before U.S, House About Script He Designed To “Flip” Votes During 2000 Election (12-13-2004)
11-26-2020PBS Brings New Dominion Voting Machines Into Question And Confirms Last Minute Patch In Georgia
11-18-2020Dominion Software Update Day Before Election Delays Voters
11-23-2020Spalding County Election Official Insists Software Update Day Before Election, Dominion Denies And Has No Record
11-18-2020Nancy Pelosi Chief Of Staff Is Chief Exec, Diane Feinstein’s Husband Invested In Dominion
11-18-2020Eric Coomer, Pro Antifa, Was VP Of Engineering For Dominion. Openly Admits He Made Sure Trump Wouldn’t Win On Antifa Call.
11-18-2020Eric Coomer, Holds 12 Patents For Dominion
11-24-2020Eric Coomer Demonstrates How Simple It Is To Change Votes Using Dominion
11-24-2020Chicago Election Board Approves Remote Access During 2020 Election. Eric Coomer On The Call. Many Others Likely Followed Suit.
11-18-2020Dominion Linked To Smartmatic
11-20-2020Dominion Voting Software Can Permit Staff To Manually Adjust Ballot Returns During Counting Process
11-20-2020Dominion Has A “Weighted Race” (Fractional) Vote Feature Designed To Manipulate Tabulation Of Votes
11-20-2020Dr. Shiva Documents Weighted Race Features Across Multiple Major Voting Softwares
11-20-2020Dominion And Major Voting Software Allows Users To Delete Votes
11-20-2020Smartmatic Alleges They Never Sold Tech To Dominion And Purge Website Of Proof, Evidence Says Otherwise
11-20-2020Dominion Backs Out And Refuses To Attend PA Hearing With State House Members
11-23-2020Dominion And Smartmatic Work Together, Have Non-Compete Despite “Fact Checkers” Saying Otherwise
11-24-2020IT Expert Breaks Down Dominion Manual And Finds Numerous Vulnerabilities
11-24-2020Computer Expert And Former CEO Of Overstock Says There Is A 100% Chance The Election Was Rigged By Dominion
11-29-2020DHS Cybersecurity Department says This Was This Most Secure Election In US History On Nov 12
11-29-2020Dominion, Scytl, ES&S, Scytl, Smartmatic, Hart Intercivic, And Microsoft Among The Council Who Determine Election Security
12-2-2020Dominion Sub Contractor Explains The Significance Of USBs And How “It’s Totally Possible To Print 100k Ballots”
12-9-2020Dominion Adjudication Process Is Shown To Be Easily Manipulated According To Coffee County GA – Part 1
12-9-2020Dominion Adjudication Process Is Shown To Be Easily Manipulated According To Coffee County GA – Part 2
12-10-2020Fulton County Adjudicated Over 106,000 Ballots Alone…
12-21-2020Smartmatic’s Chairman (Lord Malloch-Brown) Confirms Software Is Licensed From Dominion
1-5-2021Dominion VP Eric Coomer Explains That Dominion Machines Can Be Hooked Up To The Internet Many Ways (Against All 50 States Laws)
Date AddedSmartmatic Ties To Venezuela, The Philippines, And Election Fraud
11-28-20202006 Lou Dobbs Report Shows That Smartmatic Is Owned By Venezuelans
11-28-2020Smartmatic Owners And Chavez Government Fraudulently Stole The Election In Venezuela
11-28-2020Peter Neffenger, Chairman Of The Board For Smartmatic, Named Into Biden’s Transition Team
11-28-2020Filipino Lawmaker Claims Smartmatic Stole His Election The Exact Same Way As Venezuela And Now The U.S.
11-23-2020The History Of Dominion And How It Relates To Smartmatic, Sequoia, Venezuela, And More
11-28-20202016 Article Finds Links Between Venezuelan Ownership, George Soros
Date AddedThe Shutdowns, Pauses And Breaks In Counting On Election Night
11-23-20205 Battleground States Shut Down Counting The Night Of The Election.
11-23-2020Pipe Allegedly Bursts In Atlanta Causing 4 Hour Delay In Ballot Counting Night Of Election.
Date AddedWide Scale Election Fraud In Targeted Areas
11-18-2020Chair Of The Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor Believes Voter Fraud Is Taking Place Where Observers Were Removed
12-4-2020Video Evidence Of Poll Watchers And Challengers Being Kicked Out Of Multiple Vote Sites Across The U.S.
12-1-2020Whistleblowers Exploit 300k Ballots Travelled Across State Lines Then Disappear In PA. USPS In WI Tampered With 100k Late Ballots
11-18-2020Detroit Observers Locked Outside Of The Wayne County County Center. Claiming Wide Scale Fraud Inside.
11-18-2020Detroit Observer Claims She’s Not Allowed To Observe
11-18-2020TCF Center Blocks Windows
11-18-2020Republicans Argue Unfair Numbers At The TCF Center
11-18-20204 AM 130k+ Ballots Showed Up All In Favor Of Biden. Eyewitness Account
11-18-2020Detroit Election Workers Being Instructed On How To Cheat Votes
11-18-2020Hundreds Of Signed And Sworn Affidavits Come From Wayne County – Media Downplays Them As “Testimonials”
11-18-2020Dominion Staffer Claims Massive Voting Fraud Inside Of Detroit Counting Center
11-18-2020Voting Machines Hooked Up To Internet In Direct Violation Of State Law – Picture + Eyewitness Evidence
11-24-2020TCF Poll Challenger Witnesses The 4am Ballot Drop, Tampering Of Machines, Massive And Egregious Election Fraud
11-29-2020Another TCF Center Poll Challenger Witnesses The 4am Ballot Drop And Mass Vote Fraud
11-29-2020Another Poll Worker Corroborates That Detroit Poll Workers Were Taught How To Steal The Votes
12-1-2020Witnesses Meet With MI Senators And Testify To First Hand Accounts Of Election Fraud
12-1-2020Dominion Contractor Melissa Carone Claims There Were Tabulation Machines At Department Of Elections, Ballots Being Re-Ran, And Massive Fraud
12-21-2020Antrim County Recount Shows Secretary Of State Officials Telling Volunteers To Count “Multiple FRAUD Ballots With The Same Signature”
3-18-2021Video Shows Tens Of Thousands Of Ballots Being Delivered 8 Hours After The Deadline In The Middle Of The Night
4-14-2021Detroit Workers Were Told To Ignore Signatures And Break Rules Regarding Absentee Ballots
4-14-2021Modem Chips Were Installed Into Michigan Voting Machines
 Antrim County Michigan And The 22 Dominion Machines
12-13-2020Medical Marijuana Election Dispute Leads To An Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines
12-13-2020Russ Ramsland Of ASOG To Lead The 22 Dominion Machine Audit
12-15-2020Antrim County Audit Proves Massive Algorithm Fraud And More In Dominion Voting Machines
11-18-2020Michigan Legal Battles
12-13-2020The Antrim County Audit Is Expected On Dec 9th, 2020
12-13-2020Michigan AG Dana Nessel Requests And Is Granted A Protective Order On Results Of The Audit
12-13-2020Dana Nessel Is Pressured About Her Protective Order. Releases A Statement That Omits She’s The One Who Requested The P.O.
12-10-2020Michigan Attorney General Blocks The Release Of An Independent Forensic Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines Lead By ASOG
12-15-2020Judge Allows Release Of The ASOG Report. Shows That Fraud Happened And Audit Trails Erased Against State Law (Link To Report)
4-14-2021Antim County Clerk Attempted To Illegally Cover Their Tracks And Got Caught
4-14-2021Attorney Matt Deperno Releases Damning Report Against The Michigan Election
6-18-2021Antrim County Was Remotely Accessed At Timestamp The SOS Was Trying To Hide The Fraud. But We Were Told They Don’t Have Internet.
6-18-2021DePerno outlines how the Antrim County Election System Was Accessed Remotely To Modify Ballots
6-18-2021Over 7000 Affidavits Of Election Fraud Have Been Submitted To The State Of Michigan Lawmakers. Michigan Citizens Demand Forensic Audit.
 Link To All DePerno Lawsuits That Demonstrate Massive Levels Of Fraud Across Michigan
7-1-2021DePerno Law Bill Bailey And Dominion Lawsuits
11-18-2020Philadelphia Observers Locked Outside In Illegal Proportions
11-18-2020Republican Observers Barred From Entry Even Following Judge’s Order And Presenting Paperwork
11-18-2020Another Poll Watcher Barred From Entry After Presenting Paperwork
11-18-2020Registered Democrat Poll Observer Claims Voter Fraud In Philadelphia
11-18-2020Full Tucker Carlson Interview With Democrat Poll Observer Who Was Kicked Out
11-18-2020Over 10k Ballots Requested By People Over 95 Years Old In PA
11-24-2020USB Drives And Laptop Stolen Previous To Election
12-2-2020Dominion Sub Contractor Explains The Significance Of USBs And How They Can Be Manipulated
11-24-2020IT Expert Breaks Down Dominion Manual Vulnerabilities And The Significance Of The Lost USB Drives
11-24-2020State Of PA Deletes Links To Open Data.
11-25-2020Pennsylvania State Legislators Meet With First Hand Witnesses Of Election Fraud
12-1-2020Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pre-Filled Ballots Go Missing In Coordination With USPS
12-4-2020Absentee Ballots Counted In Basement Of Lunch Room Instead Of On The Floor
12-12-2020Some PA Counties Continued Counting Ballots Through Nov 16th
12-12-2020A PA Journalist Walked Into The Same Election Warehouse Where The Laptop And USBs Were Stolen
12-30-2020There Were 200k More Votes Than Voters In PA
11-18-2020Georgia Senators Claim Constituents Claiming Mass Vote Fraud. Request Full Audit, Not Just Recount.
11-18-2020Dropbox Full Of Affidavits. Claiming Pre-printed Ballots, Votes Being Switched, Republican Poll Watchers Ejected, “Guessing” Vote Counts
11-20-2020Shredding Truck Destroying Destroying Evidence/Ballots Outside Of Cobb County Election Office In During Recount
11-24-2020Biden Takes Minimum 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18AM In Georgia
11-24-2020Georgia Is Shredding Ballots OUtside Of Voting Center On 11-24-2020
12-1-2020Gwinnett County Dominion Employee Caught Rigging Votes
12-2-2020Georgia Witness Claims Unsigned Absentee Ballot Box Arrived, Ballots Printed/Replicated, 98% Of Ballots Go For Biden
12-7-2020Voter GA Confirms Dominion Machines Flip Votes From Trump To Biden, Also Confirms ARLO Reporting. Counties Don’t Have Audit Records.
12-8-2020Algorithm Used In GA Has Been Identified
12-21-20202 Computers That Contained Statewide Voter Data Were Stolen Previous To Election
12-30-2020Dozens Of Witnesses Come Forward In Georgia
1-5-2021Central Outreach And Advocacy Center Registers Thousands Of Homeless At Same Address To Vote (Against State Law)
1-5-2021Jovan Pullitzer Confirms Ballots Were Filled Out By Machines (Printers) And Not Humans
3-29-2021Dekalb County Is Actively Destroying Evidence Ordered By Court To Be Held For A Minimum Of 22 Months Ahead Of Independent Audit
7-15-2021Test Ballots Were Likely Used In Fulton County Georgia
 The Fulton County GA Hidden Ballot Video Case
12-8-2020Video Evidence Shows Fulton County Workers Illegally Counting Ballots
12-8-2020Secretary Of State’s Office Denies Anything Abnormal Or Wrong
12-8-2020Secretary Of State’s Office Is Debunked. This Is Not Normal Election Procedure.
12-8-2020Ruby Freeman And Daughter Identified As Leaders In The Hidden Ballot Videos
12-8-2020Ruby Freeman Posts Videos In Ballot Office. End Of Video Shows Mail In Ballots With No Return Addresses
12-8-2020Video Shows Ruby Freeman Running Multiple Ballots Multiple Times
12-8-2020Ruby Freeman Accomplice Appears To “Cheer” When Inspecting The Secret Ballots Under The Table
12-8-2020Ruby Freeman Daughter Appears To “Pocket” USB With Accomplice
1-5-2021Video Proves Ballots Were Scanned Multiple Times Over And Over.
1-18-2021Audio Released Of Ruby Freeman
 The Georgia Runoff
1-5-2021Reports That Dominion Not Working In 3 Heavily Republican Counties
 GA Legal Battles
4-14-2021SoS Raffensperger Attempts To Block The Audit
6-18-2021Brad Raffensperger Appears On 60 Minutes To Brag About How Secure Their Election Was
6-18-2021Brad Raffensperger Tells The President There Was No Wrongdoing In Their Election On Leaked Phone Call With Trump
6-18-2021Brad Raffensperger Holds A Press Conference Claiming They’ve Recounted The Votes 3 Times And There Was No Wrongdoing On Dec 7th
6-18-2021After Calls For Fulton Forensic Audit, Raffensperger Provided A Flawed Recount In Cobb County And Ducked Their Calls Afterward.
6-18-2021Ruby Freeman And Her Daughter To Be Deposed
6-18-2021Fulton County Election Official Admits They Don’t Know Where 18,901 Absentee Ballots Came From. Missing Chain Of Custody Records.
6-18-2021Raffensperger Changes Tune, Now Says There Must Be An Investigation
6-18-2021Dekalb County Is Refuses To Provide Open Records Request For Why 25Mil Ballots Were Order For A County Of 800k
6-18-2021Fulton County Election Officials Told Raffensperger There Were Missing Chain Of Custody Issues In Nov. He Lied About It In The Media Instead.
6-18-2021The State Of Georgia Is Breaking The Law By Not Releasing The Chain Of Custody Docs For Over 330,000 Absentee Ballots
6-18-2021GA SOS Hired Private Contractor To Monitor Fulton County. Contractor Relayed Massive Fraud. Raffensperger Knew Of Issues Since Election
6-18-2021Raffensperger Private Contractor Found Massive Issues In Fulton County. Up To 10k Absentee Ballots Missing. No Chain Of Custody And More
7-15-2021Voter GA Found That The Hand Recount Had A 60% Error Rate, Fraudulent Ballots, And Fabricated Tally Sheets
11-24-2020Wisconsin Clerks Illegally Altered Absentee Ballots With Red Pens Against Election Law
11-26-2020368 Uncounted Ballots Discovered In Milwaukee
11-26-2020Statistical Anomalies In Wisconsin
11-28-2020143,379 Vote Dump At 3:42am Had A 93% Leaning Towards Single Candidate
11-28-2020Upwards Of 45% of Indefinitely Confined Voters Shown To Not Qualify – Also Shows PO Boxes Using Addresses – Matt Braynard
11-28-20201093% More Voters Requested Indefinitely Confined (Covid not a qualification)
12-2-2020USPS Subcontractor Whistleblower Says USPS Was Backdating Over 100k Ballots In Wisconsin
3-29-2021Democrats’ Operative Got Secret Internet Connection at Wisconsin Election Center, Emails Show
11-28-2020Lots Of Statistical Questions In Arizona
12-1-2020Witnesses Meet With AZ Legislators Sharing Their Accounts For Over 10 Hours
12-8-2020More In Depth Statistical Questions With Bobby Piton
12-18-2020State Data Shows That Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes “Flipped” From One Candidate To Another
7-1-2021Dr. Douglas Frank Explains The Algorithms Used In Arizona
 Arizona Legal Battles
12-21-2020AZ Legislatures Subpoena ALL Machines In Maricopa County. Board Of Maricopa County REFUSE To Comply.
4-14-2021Board Of Supervisors Barn Mysteriously Goes Up In Flames After Finding Shredded Ballots
4-14-2021Democrats Hire Top Attorney To Shut Down Audit. Law Firm Tied To Hillary Clinton.
5-21-2021The Maricopa County Sheriff Who Wants To Block The Audit Received 2 Million In Support From Soros
5-21-2021Maricopa County Says That They Never Had Admin Access To Voting Machines, Claims Dominion Ran The Election
5-21-2021Maricopa County Files Were Deleted (Just Like Georgia) Against FEC Law Just 10 Days Before The Audit
5-21-2021Maricopa County Board, SOS Katie Hobbs, And Dominion All Deny Deleting The Databases
5-21-2021The Auditors Recovered The Deleted Files
5-21-2021Maricopa Update: External Drives for Servers Were Removed Nightly to an “Undisclosed Location” for “Safety” During Election
5-21-2021Runbeck Elections, The Company Who Prints Maricopa County Ballots Has Deep Democrat Ties And Allegedly Sent Illegal Ballots To Georgia
5-21-2021The Serial Numbers Of Ballots Don’t Match Or Non-Existent. This Points To Counterfeit Ballots Being Used In The Election.
5-21-2021Ballot Boxes Are Being Found With Broken Seals And Missing Ballots
6-18-2021Perfectly Printed And Pre-Filled Ballots Continued To Show Up At The Maricopa County Election Center Even After The Election
 Windham County New Hampshire Audit And Legal Battles
3-18-2021Algorithm Used In New Hampshire County Flips Exactly 6% Of Republican Votes To Democrats Across 4 Seperate Races
4-14-2021Windham County Witnesses Come Forward And Talk About Battle With State
4-14-2021Windham County To Be Audited
6-12-2021Harri Hursti Is Selected To Be A Part Of The Windham County Audit
6-12-2021The Windham County Audit Is Being Derailed And Sabotaged By Harri Hursti
6-12-2021Harri Hursti Is Caught On Video Lying About The Technical IT Aspects Of The Windham Audit
 More States And Their Election Fraud (This Is A Brand New Section And Will Be Populated Soon)
7-15-2021California Had 1.8 Million More Registered Voters More Than It Should Have
Date AddedUSPS Election Fraud In PA (Project Veritas Report)
11-23-2020PA Postal Worker Reports That Postal Service Is Purposely Backdating Ballots
11-23-2020Another PA Postal Worker Comes Forward With Backdated Ballots Claim
11-23-2020Original PA Postal Worker Decides To Come Out Publicly
11-23-2020USPS Postal Worker Is Identified As Richard Hopkins And Restates His Story
11-23-2020Richard Hopkins Submits Affidavit Through Online Recorded Service
11-23-2020Richard Hopkins Intimidated By Federal Post Office Agents Not To Speak Out. (Nov 10)
11-23-2020Media “Fact Checkers” Go On Disinformation Campaign To Discredit Hopkins. Claims He Recanted His Story. (Nov 10)
11-23-2020Hopkins Asserts His Claims And Verifies He Never Recanted His Statement (Nov 10)
11-23-2020Full Audio Of Federal Agent Interrogation
11-18-2020Tens of Thousands of Ballots Arrived Before Their Sent Date in Pennsylvania
Date AddedBallots Being Found In Trash Or Destroyed Fraudulently
11-24-2020Mail In Ballots Can Be Identified By Your Registered Party Previous To Being Counted
11-24-2020Poll Worker Purposely Trashing Trump Votes
11-24-2020Filled Out Ballots Found In Trash Can
11-24-2020Trump Ballots Found In Dump
11-24-2020Ballots Found In Bins In Dumpster At House Under Construction
11-24-2020Unused Ballots Found Laying On Side Of Road – Could Be Linked To Ballot Harvesting
11-24-2020Ballots Found In Ditch On Tucker Carlson
11-24-2020Massive Amounts Of Ballot Applications Shredded Before Voters Could Receive Them
4-14-2021Board Of Supervisors Barn Mysteriously Goes Up In Flames After Finding Shredded Ballots
11-20-2020Shredding Truck Destroying Destroying Evidence/Ballots Outside Of Cobb County Election Office In During Recount
11-24-2020Georgia Is Shredding Ballots Outside Of Voting Center On 11-24-2020
Date AddedMark Zuckerberg And The CTCL (Center For Tech And Civil Life) Scandal
5-1-2021The Amistad Project Report On How The CTCL Illegally Interfered With The Election
12-8-2020Fulton County Commission Accepted $6.3 Million Grant from Zuckerberg-Funded ‘Safe Elections’ Project with No Public Discussion
4-14-2021Philip Kline And The Amistad Project Expose Zuckerberg – Donates Over 250 Million To CTCL (Center For Tech And Civil Life)
4-14-2021Facebook Is Interfering With The 2020 Election
Date AddedForeign Attacks And Interference In The 2020 U.S. Election
5-1-2021Director Of National Intelligence Daniel Radcliffe Believes That U.S. Intelligence Was Covering Up Chinese Interference In The 2020 Election
12-10-2020Chinese Companies Are Printing U.S. Ballots
5-1-2021Jovan Pulitzer Points Out Chinese Interference In The 2020 U.S. General Election
5-1-2021Absolute Interference Documents That The U.S. Election Was Hacked And Attacked During The 2020 Election
5-1-2021Illegal Ballots Were Found In A Georgia Warehouse
5-1-2021Chinese Shipping Receipts Were Found In Shredded Ballots From The Georgia Warehouse
Date AddedThe Mike Lindell Absolute Series
6-12-2021Absolute Proof
6-18-2021Scientific Proof – The Algorithms Are Based On U.S. Census Data
6-18-2021Absolute Interference
6-18-2021Absolutely 9-0
6-18-2021Mike Lindell’s Lawsuit Against Dominion
Date AddedThe Truth About The January 6th Riots
6-18-2021No, Officer Sicknick Was Not Killed By Protestors. He Died Of Stroke The Next Day According To Coroner
6-18-2021Lots Of Video Live-Tweeted Shows Jan 6 Attack Was Organized By Antifa And Outside Groups And Police Let Them In
6-18-2021Ukrainian Nationals Were Involved In Planning Jan 6 Riots
6-18-2021Ron Johnson Demands Answers On Why Capitol Police Allowed Protesters Inside
6-18-2021The FBI Had Informants Working On The Capitol Riots
6-18-2021John Sullivan, Well Known Antifa Organizer, Documented The Jan 6th Riots And Was Right Next To Ashley Babbitt When She Was Shot
6-18-2021Federal Agent Ray Epps Caught On Camera Next To John Sullivan Encouraging Patriots To Raid The Capital
7-15-2021It Wasn’t Patriots Rioting At The Capitol
Date AddedFor The History Books
11-18-2020Sep 23, 2020 Report About Last Minute Voter Law Changes
11-18-2020WI Election Officials Attempt To Make Recount Challenges More Difficult In Emergency 11-18-2020 Meeting
11-18-2020Vote Dumps In MI “Fixed” Days Later After Trump Tweets About It. Blamed On “Mistake.”
11-19-2020Sale of Sequoia (Smartmatic) To Sequoia Management
11-19-2020MI Decertifies Results Following Threats
11-20-2020Link To Dominion Voter Manual Allows “Weighted Inclusive Gregory Method” AKA Fractional Voting
11-20-2020GEMS Voting System Allows Fractional Votes
11-20-2020Dominion Worked Against Bernie Sanders
11-20-2020Edward Snowden Tweets It’s Almost Impossible To Hide Vote Tampering After Statistical Analysis
11-20-2020Circuit Courts Reassigned On 11-20-2020
11-21-2020Voting Machines Are Vulnerable To Being Online
11-23-2020Trump Campaign Clarifies Sidney Powell Is Not On Trump Defense Team. Operates Independently.
11-24-2020WikiLeaks Report By Robert Downes Points To Smartic Being Of Questionable Venezuelan Origin
11-24-2020Patrick Byrne Gets Involved With The Trump Legal Team
11-24-2020Patrick Byrne CEO Of Overstock.com Covers The 3 Buckets Of Fraud And Legal Strategies
11-24-202017% Of People Who Voted For Biden Would Not Have Done So If Not For Media Suppression
11-18-2020An Intro To Evidence And The Media’s Dismissal Of It
11-29-2020Minnesota Election Judge Don Mashak Has Been Warning About Electronic Voter Fraud For Years Only To Be Ignored
12-3-2020Link To Clinton Curtis 2004 Affidavit About The Software Program He Wrote That Can “Flip” Votes
12-8-2020The Georgia Video Has Not Been “Debunked.”
12-8-2020Lots Of Info Coming Out About Brian Kemp’s (Gov Of GA) Ties To China. Here’s A Place To Start.
12-8-2020Texas Sues GA, WI, MI, and PA On Grounds Of Unconstitutional Election. Media Reports SCOTUS Will Never Hear The Case.
12-8-2020Daniel Radcliffe (Director Of National Intelligence) Is Concerned About The Reported Election Results. Says We Need To Investigate Before Declaring Winner.
12-8-2020Trump Team To Receive Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines In MI Tomorrow. Would Change Entire Process.
12-8-2020Trump Legal Team Will Fight Well Into January
12-8-2020Chinese Delivery Company Sending Mail To Poll Workers In Georgia
12-9-2020Texas Files Lawsuit Against MI, WI, PA, GA And More States Join In
12-10-2020Georgia Has Been Fighting With Dominion In Court For Years
12-10-2020Chinese Companies Are Printing U.S. Ballots
12-21-2020Friday Night Whitehouse Meeting With Flynn, Powell, Byrne, And Whitehouse Counsel Reveal The President Is Being Mislead
12-21-2020GA Speaker Speaker Of The House (R) Lied To Trump, Threatened Other Legislators. Does Not Want A Special Session.
12-21-2020$400 Million SEC Filing Links Dominion, UBS, and China
12-21-2020Data Expert Bobby Piton Reveals Cell Phone Numbers May Have Been Used In Fraud
1-5-2021A Printer In Michigan Had Ballots Illegally Sent To Multiple Swing States (Part of the Missing 100k In PA)
1-5-2021China Spoke With Biden About How To Defeat Trump
1-9-2021Solarwinds Hacked
1-9-2021AT&T Attack On Christmas Day
1-9-2021Chris Krebs Hired To Solarwinds
1-9-2021The Connection Between The Nashville Bombing And Dominion
1-27-2021DNI Ratcliffe Confirms Foreign Interference. Intel Agencies Attempted To Play Down The Interference.
1-27-2021Italian Defense Contractor Claims They Were Directly Interfering And Switching Votes In U.S. Election (Italygate)
1-27-2021More About Italygate
1-27-2021Scytl Confirms The Germany Servers Crashed The Night Of The Raid
3-29-2021SoS Raffensperger Attempts To Block The Audit
4-14-2021How The 2020 Election Could Have Been Stolen
4-26-2021Ballots Reportedly Sent To Arizona Via Korean Air Part 1
4-26-2021Ballots Reportedly Sent To Arizona Via Korean Air Part 2
4-30-2021Attorney Phillip Kline Asserts “Machines Have Been Seized For Investigative Purposes.” Does Not Specifically Mention Server.
5-21-2021New Jersey Democrat Consultant Blows The Whistle On Widespread Voter Fraud And The Techniques Used. Written In AUGUST 2020.
5-21-2021Scytl Leadership Was Closely Tied To Democrats.
6-18-2021In Trump’s campaign to save the Republic, we haven’t seen the key supporting effort yet
6-18-2021The key supporting effort appears to be underway on Trump’s operational timeline
6-18-2021Democrats Began Pushing Mail-In Voting Before States Shut Down
6-18-2021North Carolina Had Serious Statistical Impossibilities In Their Election
6-18-2021Lots Of Video Live-Tweeted Shows Jan 6 Attack Was Organized By Antifa And Outside Groups
6-18-2021Ron Johnson Demands Answers On Why Capitol Police Allowed Protesters Inside
7-9-2021Col. Phil Waldron Asserts The Seized Server Was Disinformation From Foreign Nations
7-15-2021Leonardo SpA Is Linked To CCP (More Info About Italygate)
7-15-2021Bill Barr Actively Discouraged U.S. Attorneys From Investigating Election Fraud
7-15-2021Google Whitsleblower Leaks Docs Proving Blacklist And Censorship Of Conservatives
Date AddedIn Introduction To “The Hammer” and SCORECARD
11-19-2020Whistleblower Gen. McInerney Explains What Hammer And Scorecard Are And How They Work (11-2-2020 – Day Before Election)
11-21-2020An Example Of One Instance Of Hammer And Scorecard At Work
11-19-2020An Intro To The Supercomputer “The Hammer” And How It’s Been Used To Spy On Government Officials
11-19-2020How The Hammer And Scorecard Were Used In The 2020 Elections
11-19-2020Sidney Powell Announces They’ll Be Arguing Algorithmic Fraud In Court And Why
11-19-2020Sidney Powell Goes Into More Detail On Hammer And Scorecard
11-19-2020Whistleblower Gen. McInerney Explains Specific Instances Of Hammer And Scorecard In 2020 Election
11-19-2020The Whistleblower Tapes – An Expose On The CIA Whistleblower Who Created Hammer And How It’s Being Used In Elections