Welcome To The 2020 Election Evidence Project

The 2020 Election Evidence Project was started in response to the media refusing to report on factual pieces of evidence regarding the 2020 election. Our goal isn’t to convince you of some grandiose conspiracy theory, but instead, to present you with the factual information the media isn’t reporting and allow you to form your own opinions from there. 

Deperno Lawsuit Filed On 5-4-2021 Is The Smoking Gun That Will Set Off The Powderkeg Of Election Audits

On May 4th, 2021 attorney Matt Deperno (the attorney involved with the Antrim County ASOG audit) filed a lawsuit that will set off a chain reaction of election audits based on the premise that “fraud vitiates everything.”

In his lawsuit they were able to:

  • Recreate the algorithm fraud that was used
  • Recreate how it would pass canvassing (certification)
  • Demonstrate that the Dominion voting machines are easily manipulated and corrupted
  • Demonstrated that a single person from ElectionSource would be able to corrupt the whole system
  • Demonstrate that no, this was not “human error.” It was manufactured fraud.

Here’s a video explaining more:

And here’s a link to the full lawsuit: